We are ‘Willing workers weeding in the Waverton  wilderness


Streets Alive is similar to North Sydney Council’s popular and effective Bushcare program.

Like Bushcare, Streets Alive draws on the time, skills and commitment of volunteers to enhance the beauty of North Sydney, and in this case, Waverton.

Streets Alive builds on what is already happening informally throughout North Sydney as many residents currently help maintain public gardens near or adjacent to their property. Streets Alive recognises these volunteers for their work and provides them with the support and resources they need to continue.

Streets Alive also provides gardening opportunities for those who don’t have a garden of their own. It fosters community stewardship of public open spaces and encourages participation in gardening as a recreational activity.


Council is seeking both local coordinators and volunteers for Streets Alive. For more information, contact the Streets Alive Coordinator on (02) 9936 8283.



  • Brennan Park
  • Wakelin Reserve
  • Peace Park
  • Balls Head Rd
  • King St
  • Bridge End